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    Default Juliette has a Gun - Metal Chypre

    Any thoughts on the new Juliette has a Gun Metal Chypre?

    I've had the chance to try it yesterday, and it was rather fantastic. It recalls the aloof mossy chypres of yore, but manages to stay modern by incorporating bergamot and herbal accents at the start, which mellow into suede and iris spiked by pepper and something in the background I cannot quite describe.

    Has anyone had the chance to try it yet? It's definitely my favourite since Oil Fiction which was quite bombastic and powerhouse 80s in some ways.

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    Default Re: Juliette has a Gun - Metal Chypre

    I have tried it and thought it was quite nice too.
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    Default Re: Juliette has a Gun - Metal Chypre

    I am always interested in chypres, so I would love to hear any impressions of this one.

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    Default Re: Juliette has a Gun - Metal Chypre

    Sounds intriguing! I'll put it on the to try list

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    Default Re: Juliette has a Gun - Metal Chypre

    Well, it's on my radar now! Thanks for the tip off!

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