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    Default fragrance diffusion for an olfactory art project

    I'm looking for some ideas regarding technical solutions to fragrance diffusion for an olfactory art project I'm doing with the students of my course: "O, say, can you smell... ? American Studies as Olfactory Studies"

    The basic idea: Making use of the paternoster elevator (look at it here: in our university building we want to create a scent installation where the paternoster will lead passengers through five smellscapes representing olfactory images of America. These may be anything from personal memories (e.g. root beer) to olfactory images of American ideas (the city upon a hill - incense?). This is a way for students to think via art about smell as a form of knowledge, representation etc. and an invitation to the audience to consider "images" of America through a different sensory medium.

    The problem: So, on each of the five floors we have to find a way of constantly diffusing scents we have constructed from natural oils and synthetic odorants so that they are clearly noticeable as one passes by the floor in the paternoster cabin. We've experimented with a simple water plus olfactant aroma diffusor and a ventilator which wortked, but building maintenance has signaled that cables and electricity may be a no-no. So I'm thinking about alternatives like these battery-opeated Airwick spray diffusors - the problem being that they can only be filled with prefab-products, like seemingly all of these gadgets for ambient smells.

    I've found small USB driven diffusors hat could be powered with a powerbank, but these may be to weak. We need to be able to have effective diffusion going for at least 3-4 hours on its own.

    We're all thinking hard about this, but any input from experienced home or commercial-space fragrancers here would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: fragrance diffusion for an olfactory art project

    A foul odor is something we all have a problem with. I was also having some issues in my house regarding it. Found this idea on google which helped me a lot. I hope you'll also benefit from that.
    Here is the link -

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    Default Re: fragrance diffusion for an olfactory art project

    Hey Tom,

    I‘m currently undergoing a similar dilemma. Was just curious whether or not you have found a solution? What scent delivery system did you end up using? Did it work?

    Beste regards,


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