From NST:

Mizensir, the fragrance line of perfumer Alberto Morillas, has launched Poudre d'Or and Epine de Rose.

Poudre d'Or (shown) "« The idea of this perfume was to create an olfactory fairy tale. I have always been fascinated by the calm and precious moments of the evening when everyone is getting ready. There is something quite fairy-like about these moments that remind me of a children’s fairy tale when the enchanter blows magic powder from his hands. I chose a narrow palette to get straight to the essentials and to transcribe the lightness of three elements: gold, powder and the light. »" A floriental with tiare, paradisone, exaltone, iris, sandalwood and vanilla.

Epine de Rose ~ "« I wanted to concentrate on a rose for men, far from the romantic and delicate femininity that is so often associated with rose based perfumes. But I do also realize that it is worn by women. I liked the idea that the rose does not exist without its thorns, and that is where all its power lies. I was therefore inspired by this aspect of the flower to reveal something new both floral but also woody and spicy. »" A spicy woody fragrance with mandarin, ginger, agar wood, rose, pink pepper, black pepper, Alaskan cedar, incense and limbanol.

Mizensir Poudre d'Or and Epine de Rose are available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.