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    Default NEW: L'Atelier Francais Des Matieres - Jasmin de Cherifa For Women!

    Jasmin de Cherifa by L'Atelier Francais Des Matieres is a fragrance for women.

    This is a new fragrance.

    Jasmin de Cherifa was launched in late 2017.

    The fragrance features egyptian jasmine, rose, clary sage and sandalwood
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    Default Re: NEW: L'Atelier Francais Des Matieres - Jasmin de Cherifa For Women!

    As there is no review page yet for this one, after a full wearing on skin today, here are my impressions:

    Simplistic Jasmine

    Jasmin de Cherifa opens with an extremely brief splash of near-transparent thin, airy rose before moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the thin rose quickly moves well into the background as light and airy sanitized jasmine takes over as sole star with little else presenting. During the late dry-down, the jasmine remains, sans rose and its more airy facet, now a skin scent through the finish. Projection starts average, but quickly turns minimal, with longevity below average at 6-7 hours on skin.

    There really isn't much to say about Jasmin de Cherifa. The composition is a pleasant jasmine soliflore that only shows the non-indolic facet of the jasmine. Instead of its indolic side, the wearer gets an airy and light but rather sedate presentation of the white floral with a more "feminine" feel to it. I usually don't like to use words like "masculine" and "feminine" in perfume reviews, but in this particular case, the way the perfumer chose to present this specific light and sanitized profile of the usually more lush and indolic white floral really does strike me this way (though I still feel anyone can wear it). The only other note of any consequence (and it barely is noticeable) is a very subtle transparent rose that lends the slightest of support to the starring jasmine. The bottom line is the $210 per 30ml bottle Jasmin de Cherifa is a high quality, but all too linear and simplistic presentation of one of my favorite notes, earning a "good" to "very good" 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5 rating and a hesitant recommendation to jasmine lovers. It should be noted that while price did not factor into my review rating as always, if price is considered, the $7 per ml cost is hard to swallow when so many less expensive superior jasmine perfumes are available.
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