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    Why is mango so infrequently represented in perfuming? I don't mean that syrupy grocery store over-ripe whallop of a scent. I have in my memory paying a kid outside of Port-au-Prince to climb this huge tree and toss mangoes down to me. They smelled like the fuzz of a ripe peach with a light, fleeting, lemony citrus and something like plumeria. Not like aging plumeria flowers, but when you get a blossom on its first day. It's so vivid in my mind and I've been completely unable to make anything come close.

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    It sounds like you are speaking of the smell of green mango. I get the same smell on my land in Brazil.
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    Here in my city there are lots of mango trees, and I remember the scent since I was child.

    In my opinion, most commercial Mango fragrances does not look like the smell of the fruit I know. It's more grapefruit citrus than sweet mango scent.

    I live in brazil, and by coincidence my city is known as "Mango City"

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    I'm so happy to find that someone else knows the scent I am remembering. If I can ever capture anything close to it in a bottle, I'll post it on here.

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