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    Default Amouage Figment vs BeauFort Vi & Ami

    Hi Guys,

    I saw Amouage Figment Man for 145 pounds sterling.

    BeauFort London Vi Et Armis for 99 pounds sterling

    I can't get to sample any because i am a continent away, a friend is bringing it in. I don't ever mind blind-buying as long as a perfume is strong.

    I can only afford ONE. My selection criteria is VALUE FOR MONEY, POWER & UNIQUENESS.

    Which of these two would you recommend?


    PS- I have bought Amouage Interlude, Fate, Gold and Opus VII based on reviews here. Interlude and Gold seemed the most wearable out of this quartet.

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    Default Re: Amouage Figment vs BeauFort Vi & Ami

    If you must blind buy, not recommended with either of these, I would go with Vi Et Armis. I simply cannot tolerate the geosmin and lawn chemicals of Figment. The BeauFort is indeed unique and powerful on my skin.
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    Default Re: Amouage Figment vs BeauFort Vi & Ami

    Not safe in any way, shape or form but if a blind buy is absolutely necessary I would go with the Amouage as I really can not tolerate the Beaufort
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    Default Re: Amouage Figment vs BeauFort Vi & Ami

    I'd go with the former of the two.
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    Default Re: Amouage Figment vs BeauFort Vi & Ami

    The Figment was dreadful and the Beaufort not much better. I would wait and save my money.

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