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    Default Need Advice Onr Black (1982) by Pascal Morabito

    Can anybody share their thoughts on the fairly new release of Or Black (1982)
    by Pascal Morabito. The vintage gets lots of great reviews. It was discontinued for many years and reintroduce a few years ago. Im reading mixed reviews it's nowhere need the original and others claim it's still very good. Anybody care to share their thoughts. It's s fragrance I'm considering buying butnot sure if worth it. I detest weak colognes. Although it's it's only $50 that's no chump change to risk.

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    Default Re: Need Advice Onr Black (1982) by Pascal Morabito

    I own a large bottle of the original and also the re-issue and while the re-issue is not as nice or rich as the original, it is still worthy and very affordable.
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    Default Re: Need Advice Onr Black (1982) by Pascal Morabito

    Never tried the original but own the current version and think it is really good and well worth the money

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    Default Re: Need Advice Onr Black (1982) by Pascal Morabito

    Current is excellent and a veritable steal at those prices. Drydown is extremely close to the original.

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    Default Re: Need Advice Onr Black (1982) by Pascal Morabito

    I have the new version and it's definitely not weak. Quality ingredients. I have seen a couple reviewers here and there claiming it's not as good as the original, but the vast majority (including, importantly, all my most trusted reviewers) agree that it's quite faithful to the original.

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