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    Default Do we need of FAQ or Terms of Use for this group

    Hello all,

    I was thinking about producing some sort of FAQ for this group (I
    mean about fragrance as there is one of those on the main website)

    Heres my main concerns:

    Everyone on the group at the moment seems to be nice and responsible
    etc etc, but as the hits to the Basenotes w/site are increasing then
    more people will join this list.

    I know that myself and many others recieve messages from this list
    email and the last thing we want is rubbish posted in our email

    So I was wondering if there is anything you wouldn't want to see on
    newsgroup. What does everyone feel about Commercial posts, Off topic
    discussions and that kind of thing.

    I wouldnt want to put up a 'terms of use' that you all found
    disagreeable, so any feedback (if any) is appreciated.


    Grant, Basenotes.

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    Default Do we need of FAQ or Terms of Use for this group

    I say if it ain't broke, dont' fix it. I think that as long as the
    posts to this message board at least have SOMETHING to do with
    fragrance or fragrance related products, then that's fine. Leave
    well enough alone unless someone abuses it.

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