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    Default Looking for a usable damp, wet fragrance

    Have been in search of a usable (for my application) damp, wet fragrance even with a musty quality would also work. I have tried a few of the more commonly available fragrance oils that are supposed to have these qualities, but all seem to dry down to a sweet or spicy fragrance which is no good

    I have tried Vetiver as well which seemed to show promise but that also fades to a sweet, cologne like smell which is also inappropriate for my application.

    I am looking for a general damp wet smell that will just fade without becoming spicy even Wet Leaves or Peat Moss might suffice. The effect I am seeking on dry down is like fresh grass to a dry hay......or wet rich damp to dry and dusty. An EO or AC is fine.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Looking for a usable damp, wet fragrance

    geosmin + coumarin+ poivrol+ patchouli eo+ cis 3 hexenol+ helional.
    try this
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    Default Re: Looking for a usable damp, wet fragrance

    You want a whole accord formula...

    Rootanol, Terrasol, Humus Ether, Cypriol EO, Terranol, Mitti attar, Mitti vetiver attar, 1-octen-3-one, 2-ethyl-3-methoxypyrazine, maybe alpha-Humulene.
    Look them up and see which you can obtain and work from there.
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    Default Re: Looking for a usable damp, wet fragrance

    Thank you both for fast, informative responses. I have looked into these fragrances and some I just cannot obtain or just have not found a source let alone a sample. I have however narrowed it down...I think....Terrasol FFC. It seems to be a good compromise to Geosmin. Geosmin seems to be truly a magic bullet for this, but seems to me, for my application it would be prohibitively expensive. I have no found a close substitute for this other than Terrasol which seems to be descriptively close. Although I don't know what the dry down would be like.???

    I have come across another chemical that reports to also be a dead ringer for 'turned earth"......2-ethyl fenchol. I cannot however find this in other than industrial quantities.
    BTW: It is reported to be a common component in many Terrasol offerings although I cannot verify this absolutely.

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