"This fragrance contains thousand secrets of seduction.

To accent sweet trace of the fragrance perfumer Medina Adriana added Madagascar vanilla and violet petals.

Piquancy gives a pinch of nutmeg and spices in the upper notes.

And certainly it is impossible to imagine any Arabian fragrance without jasmine and ambergris.

Also in this composition you'll discover tropical fruits, which give some freshness and exotics.

The connecting link in this composition is royal musk - one of the key component in Arabian perfumery.

Musk makes fragrance so inviting, provocative and seductive!

He literally captivates and does not give a chance to get out of captivity. It becomes necessary as air and breathe it as naturally as living!" - a note from the brand.

Majesty was launched in late 2017.

Majesty was created by Nicole Mancini, Yann Vasnier and Adriana Medina.