"Ghostdance was released on October 6th, 2017.

On this date 50 years prior, October 6th, 1967, exactly one year after the love pageant rally, a group of true hippies had decided “enough was enough” with the misdirection the hippie movement had taken and staged a “mock funeral”, calling it “The Death of the Hippie”.

This was their way of acknowledging that the movement had gotten WAY out of hand with people coming to town from all over the country as well as from other countries and (in most cases) taking advantage of the city’s resources.

They said to anyone with designs on coming to San Francisco “if you truly believe in this movement, stay where you are.

It will grow wings and spread if you did so rather than having it centered in one town.”

On October 6th, 2017, Ikiryō released the later half of the “These Psychedelic Three” collection called “These Psychedelic Three, Omega” (“These Psychedelic Three, Alpha” was released in June).

Three scents make up this release. “Strawberry Love Pop” was the first created. “Hope” is the culmination of both of these releases.

It explains the reason behind the packaging resembling a beaten up Pandora’s box.

In mythology, when you open a Pandora’s box and release all of the ills into the world, the only thing left in the box is “hope”.

Finally there is “Ghostdance”.

This scent was created to not only commemorate the event of October 6th, 1967 but to call attention to one of the inspirations behind the hippie movement: the Native American, living in a money-free, self sustaining community.

Hence why the photoshoot/ad campaign was made to depict someone in wears inspired by the Native American…and in funeral black…" - a note from the brand.

The nose behind this fragrance is Vincent of Dreamhouse.