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    Question Etra from Etro ???

    Has anyone tried this fragrance ?
    Thanks for any descriptions or comparisons to other fragrances.
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    Default Re: Etra from Etro ???

    Very clean and light, soft floral. Has a tea like quality and is mildly spicy in the dry down.

    For me, rose, vanilla, cardamom and cedar are the most noticeable notes.

    It's quite lovely but projection and longevity are weak, shockingly so, in fact.

    I could compare it to others in the Etro line, as they have a sort of signature, but there's nothing outside of this house that springs to mind.

    The name of the perfume is actually Etra Etro by Etro, it's listed incorrectly on Basenotes.
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    Default Re: Etra from Etro ???

    Here the various reviews:

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    Default Re: Etra from Etro ???

    Some compare it with Le Feu d'Issey which is kinda true ...

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    Default Re: Etra from Etro ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Roky View Post
    Some compare it with Le Feu d'Issey which is kinda true ...
    It's very true. Half-assed Feu d'Issey....which I guess is better than nothing.

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    Default Re: Etra from Etro ???

    Yes -- my review of it is pretty poor but I remember it being quite musky and I found it difficult to actually pin it down.

    I compared it to the MPG 'musks' which are notoriously weak

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    Default Re: Etra from Etro ???

    Had a bottle (pretty sure it was pre-IFRA43, but I've no idea if that matters much with this one)... sold it on. Good, but not my type. Soft, subtle, ambery with a little floral and nice spice (cardamom, coriander), attractive, low volume sweetness. Thought it had the same feel as Cacharel Nemo, which I also sold on, and the much much stronger/sweeter Divine l'homme sage, which I still have but hardy ever wear. Probably the spices that has me grouping these. A lot of good reviews on this.
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