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    Default Bought CH Men Prive on Amazon Germany - Fake?

    Hello everyone,

    I bought a 100ml bottle of CH Men Prive on the German Amazon store(sent by Amazon directly, not fba) and the box looks quite different from the typical 100ml package and more like the 150ml box. Is this due to the production date/place (batch number: 70721) or could it be fake?

    The left box on the picture is mine, the typical one is on the right.

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me out, CH Men Privé is unfortunately very rare in Germany so I couldn't find any other store that has it in stock. Usually I don't buy fragrances on Amazon.

    Best regards


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    Default Re: Bought CH Men Prive on Amazon Germany - Fake?

    Perhaps just new packaging would be my guess.
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    Default Re: Bought CH Men Prive on Amazon Germany - Fake?

    Apologies to revive this old thread, but I have just bought CH men prive with the same box as yours. Did you ever confirm if yours was authentic or not?

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