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    Smile Wana-Ranee by Grossmiths of London

    Hi, I am new to this site, so may be in the wrong area, my question is this, Is Wana-Ranee by Grossmiths of London collectable? I have a glass bottle which is three quarters full
    in a cardboard tube style of box. It is in good condition considering it is probably one hundred years old! Does anyone know anything about this perfume?

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    Default Re: Wana-Ranee by Grossmiths of London

    It's not one I've heard of. Around here, anything that smells good is collectible. I'd be curious to try it.

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    Default Re: Wana-Ranee by Grossmiths of London

    There's a good thread around here somewhere about those old Grosssmiths, and their modern resurrection. Lots of good photos in it, too.

    Edit: Couldn't find the thread, it probably had some title that I don't recall well enough to search for it. I remember that I got involved in it because I'd gotten a sample of the modern version of Grossmith's Shem-el-Nesseim.

    Here are a couple of articles about the couple that revived the house. They might lead you to some links to other info.
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