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    Default Beard Oil Intensity

    Curious if people making beard oil find that customers are preferring subtle or strong scents. Curiously I'm finding the majority are wanting the subtle scents... sometimes too subtle for me! Thoughts?

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    just depends on the fragrance might wear. or you can make your own beard oil with and mix in fragrance oil that you wear as a cologne. but i like stronger scents

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    Default Re: Beard Oil Intensity

    BTW, for any Stash fans out there, it comes in a perfumed oil ("elixir") for the hair and body that is perfect for a richly scented beard oil--provided you like th scent (which I do!)
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    I currently go with grave before shave, they're not subtle and definately noticed when someone gets on close, always complemented after a hug. I try to compliment my cologne and my beard oil together.
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