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    Default Liz Zorn's fragrance company Soivohle

    Anyone tried her stuff? Seems to have few but very positive reviews. I'm particularly interested in Journeyman, Waterflower and Jazz Trio#1

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    Default Re: Liz Zorn's fragrance company Soivohle

    l have only tried Violets & Rainwater, & sadly l got no violets at all, just a sharp, aquatic patchouli with overtones of creosote.

    l would like to have tried Purple Love Smoke, if only for the name! But it seems to have been discontinued, & there isn't a sample to be had on any of the decanting sites.
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    Default Re: Liz Zorn's fragrance company Soivohle

    I've tried Rivertown Road and Transcendental Music. Thought they were just OK.
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    Default Re: Liz Zorn's fragrance company Soivohle

    When Journeyman was originally discontinued I managed to snag two, small bottles with a few ml in each before they were all gone. This post actually made me revisit it and I decided to finally write my review. Here goes and hope it helps:

    This opens smoky and spicy with a lot of pepper, cumin, and what I want to say is fenugreek tossed in for good measure. You also get a very big blast of buttery, rubbery myrrh with slightly boozy overtones. All of this is sitting on top of a deep and sweet incense/amber and dry wood/oud/leather base. As it opens up a bit more it begins to sweeten up ever so slightly with a the warm amber and vanilla notes becoming more prominent in the mix. The intense spice kick you initially get begins to subside and blend smoothly with the smoky leather and woods, but that being said, the cumin is very persistent and stays the entire duration of Journeyman. There’s also this subtle “burnt/scorched” accord that sits alongside everything that gives it this warmness that reminds me like what your clothing would smell like many days after sitting next to a campfire. This is a very natural and earthy fragrance that’s perfect for someone looking for something that’s intensely spicy with a smoky sweet vanilla/amber/resinous bass complete with dry wood and leather. It has decent projection at first, but becomes a skin scent with excellent longevity.
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    Default Re: Liz Zorn's fragrance company Soivohle

    Thank you for your impressions. Very helpful!

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    Default Re: Liz Zorn's fragrance company Soivohle

    Journeyman is nice, but the 4 I like batter are:
    Tobacco Stick - Quite addicting to my nose
    Underworld - nice vetiver
    Cuir Beurre - sounds weird, smells good - a buttery leather
    Oud Lacquer - real oud with some nice chocolate

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