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    After the first fragrances of the Bentley Momentum Collection, Momentum and Momentum Intense, launched last year in collaboration with the Lalique Group, the third fresh, aromatic and woody fragrance is presented in May 2018, named MOMENTUM UNLIMITED.


    Momentum Unlimited's composition is a creation of perfumer Michel Almairac and the fragrance is dedicated to the urban voyager.

    "A global traveler for business or pleasure, the Momentum Unlimited man enjoys the ultimate luxury: freedom. Successful, style-conscious and driven, the Bentley Momentum Unlimited man is inspired by challenge. For him, the sky is the limit. From New York to Dubai, London and Shanghai, he is always on the move. But he knows how to live in the moment. Turning each instant of his journey into an exceptional moment."


    The composition offers a fresh and sparkling opening, blending grapefruit, crispy green apple and cardamom. The heart notes reveal strong woody aromas of cedarwood, vetiver and sandalwood, followed by masculine textures of leather, skin musks and ambroxan.


    The brand says about the design: "Inspired by the soaring, vertical skyline of a modern metropolis, the stylized design of the Bentley Momentum line reflects its assertive, vibrant fragrances. Tall, rectangular and faceted like an emerald-cut diamond, it is made of luxuriously heavy glass. In a bold variation on the sleek design of the original Bentley Momentum, the new Momentum Unlimited bottle is clad front and back with an interpretation of the marque’s signature knurling.

    Introduced in 1919 in the second car ever built by W.O. Bentley, this trademark motif was conceived to be pleasant to the touch as well as to the eye. Embossed in shiny silver plates covering the bottle from base to neck, it adds a sensuous tactility and strikingly graphic style to the flacon. In contrast, the bottle is crowned with a smooth, silver cap. Through the smooth, transparent glass flanks, the cool azure tint of the fragrance reflects the freshness of a wide-open sky." - info taken from Bentley Fragrances.

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    I wonder what the ETA at discounters will be...
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    Default Re: Bentley momentum unlimited

    Already posted in the NEW Sticky for Spring Releases 2018 created by Moderators in the Male Fragrance Forum!
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    "I drank what?" -Socrates

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    Thanks for the info.
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    Default Re: Bentley momentum unlimited

    Bentley Momentum
    Bentley Momentum Intense
    Bentley Momentum Unlimited
    Bentley Momentum Unlimited Intense
    Bentley Momentum Intense II
    Bentley Momentum Redux

    ,,,and so on.
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    They had me at cardamom. Bentley Momentum Intense is one that I really enjoy, so I'll have a look at this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Already posted in the NEW Sticky for Spring Releases 2018 created by Moderators in the Male Fragrance Forum!

    Can Michel Almairac bring back to life the mediocre Momentum line? Momentum Intense was one of the fragrances I regret buying. Since Nathalie Lorson put her name on Momenum Intense I thought it would be a decent relesae. But no. Very cheap smelling base.

    For the past few years, Bentley has been living off old glory in the fragrance community. They haven't released anything substantial since Absolute. They have only two stars in their lineup - the Intense and Absolute. Less than Ferrari.

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