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    Default suggestions for a pollen accord?

    I have used the alpha, beta-ionone, carrot seed oil to add powder to florals...
    Only, I find the texture of the above materials does not resemble that of natural pollen.

    I need to make myself a pollen accord.
    pollen is dusty woody bark, cool green, soft bitter herbal, slight bit of ammonia

    Which materials would be most applicable to creating such a complex accord?
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much

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    Default Re: suggestions for a pollen accord?

    That would be the last note I would want to have in a fragrance! Claritin Eau de Parfum. Does that come in an extreme version?
    Beer? The kids' new gear?

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    Default Re: suggestions for a pollen accord?

    Pollen is one of those things that is not one thing. Pollen can have no smell, garbage smell, semen, sweet, honey, sweat and minerally. I saw a perfume blog where the blogger had thought about this and I concur that pollen might be honey and mineral together. I am not sure what makes a really good mineral scent in perfume but honey is easy in several ways. So to start with I'd say honey and ambroxan or maybe calone.
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    Default Re: suggestions for a pollen accord?

    I would probably start with Pollenal.

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