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    Default Need help in Barcelona

    Hello currently in Barcelona and im wondering if anyone knows of a place that takes of the Vat once a non euro passport is shown? I have a Julia and a Corte ingles nearby that i would like to visit.

    First i have to make trip to Montserrat in about 4 hours and its 3 an now lol cant sleep.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Need help in Barcelona

    I'm hijacking the thread for info about Barcelone as well. Would there be a good place to buy perfume for my wife in or near the El Gothic district? More exactly, at the Liceu metro station, right next to the El Rambla street.
    I've been planning to rent this flat for the 5th anniversary of my wedding this summer. I've added the link because I don't know Barcelona THAT much and even if the exact location isn't located on the map, it has enough info on it for someone more familiar with the city to locate it rather accurately.

    I'd like to hear about which shop you'd recommend, since I want to make a beautiful gift for my wife ; she's outdone herself for my birthday, and I want to find her something she'll remember (apart from the trip of course).

    Thanks a lot!

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