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    Default Delay in emails / updates

    Hello all,
    Just to give you a heads up that there may be some delay in receiving emails from the site (like the thread or PM notification ones). This is because I’m having to send out a lovely email to everyone about something something GDPR and it might clog up the mail queue. (sorry that you’re having to get another one, I’m sure your inboxes are full of them at the moment)
    While we’re doing heads up, soon when you sign in you will need to accept some updated terms of use to continue using the site; and all of you lucky EU people will have a new ‘this website uses cookies’ box to deal with.
    With regards to GDPR, it has given me the chance to look at how we do things, and there will be a few changes going forward when we roll out our new update.

    • We will be upgrading to use SSL on the site, which means the web address will start with https:// and mean any data you send to the site’s server is encrypted
    • For the last 13 years we’ve used Google Analytics to find out things like how many visitors we get and what they look at. I’m planning to end our use of Google Analytics, and also their third-party ad server on the site, and use locally hosted products. What this means to the end user is not very much different, but it does mean we are less reliant on Google for parts of the site, and we keep as much data “in-house” as possible

    Cheers all — any questions, please let me know

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    Default Re: Delay in emails / updates

    Thanks, Grant!
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    Default Re: Delay in emails / updates

    Thank you for keeping us posted about upcoming changes, Grant.

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    Default Re: Delay in emails / updates

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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