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    Default Blue Lotus Absolute Feedback Needed

    Iím torn between a few blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) absolutes and wanted to see if any of you had any feedback on these vendors. Itís awfully pricey and Iíve tried to narrow it down in order to keep the cost down. Apparently, some of these vendors sell a dilution and was curious if any of you had experience with that. Iím not planning on mixing it with another absolute which is why Iím trying to source a very fragrant kind with (hopefully) some tenacity.

    - Living Libations has both a 2.5 ml straight and a 5 ml diluted in a 1:4 jojoba ratio. They claim that they use a phytonic distillation with no harsh chemicals . Iím not certain what impact that has on the fragrance, if any.

    - Enfleurage has a 2 ml 10% maceration.( No idea what kind of extraction/distillation method they use.)

    - Natureís Gift has a solvent extracted 2 ml straight version and also a 10% dilution .

    - Original Swiss Aromatics sells it in 1ml increments but Iíve never heard or bought from them before.

    Thank you kindly in advance for your response and feedback. Much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Absolute Feedback Needed

    It's certainly been a while, but if you ordered I'd love to hear about the differences in scents. I've found there are two types of real Blue Lotus (Lilly) extractions on the market and I cannot discern the reason for the differences in scent. One is a robust spicy floral comparable to ylang-ylang and the other is a watery floral that is soft and medium strength. I believe enfleurage sells the latter type of absolute.

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Absolute Feedback Needed

    John Steele - Life Tree Aromatics a company that is well trusted has Blue Lotus.
    Lotus, Blue - Absolute Nymphaea caerulea - Sri Lanka -- 1.5 ML for 90$ as of their last price list that I got in July.

    Not sure about the other companies

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Absolute Feedback Needed

    Thanks for the response! I have a few versions but they all smell drastically different. To be honest, I'm not sure why the scents differ so much... could it really be the extraction method?

    Nymphaea Caerulea*hexane extracted Absolute – (usually from India or Sri Lanka) Smells like a spicy flower, similar to ylang ylang but spicier. Simply put, it's an exotic scent, reminiscent of lotus.

    Nymphaea Caerulea phytonic extracted Absolute – (usually from Thailand) Smells like a slightly sweet watery gentle floral scent. It has aquatic and honey notes but is much milder and softer than the other. It almost has soft top notes of artificial cherry. It's an oddly meditative scent and unlike any other florals I've come across. (I suspect this format is safer for ingestion which is likely what a lot of folks use it for).

    From what I can tell, there is also a third one that is closer to a concrete (like the lotuses pink/white). I'm trying to gather as much as I can about this substance as it is very expensive to test out and there are so many fakes (cough - Allin exporters - cough).

    The John Steele prices, in general, are INSANE, and especially for this water lilly. I'm selling the Thailand version for 25/ML in my shop which is basically the price I paid, though I ordered way too much and it wasn't the one I was looking for. Haha so buying it for 90/ml is nuts to me!

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Absolute Feedback Needed

    i did not like my blue lotus absolute that i bought from liviing libation. i put my review down a reply in someone elses topic about it in detail.

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Absolute Feedback Needed

    I have not bought blue lotus but I second Dana's suggestion anyway because I have never gone wrong once with a John Steele product and as yet haven't seen a post from anyone who felt that they had.

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