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    Default Best way of applying vintage perfum extract Shalimar

    Hi all,

    I just purchased a bottle of vintage Shalimar from the 50s that comes as a perfume extract. What would be the best way of applying it? Should i used a dropper and apply drops to the skin, or qould i be better iff decanting it into a smaller apray container and use it in a spray form?

    Any help appreciated

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    Default Re: Best way of applying vintage perfum extract Shalimar

    The intended way to apply was to dab oneself with the glass stopper. This still works, but some people don't like to have to touch the bottle, or risk spilling. I personally find the dropper on the skin quite inconvenient. I decant into a vial as for all perfumes, and it works well too. Of course one will spritz less than with regular edt or edp, one or two spritzes are enough.

    An old way to apply parfum for women, provided proper attire is used, is to apply to a little cotton ball, then wedge the cotton ball in one's cleavage. Body heat will make the parfum rise, and the cotton ball keeps the perfume rather well. Men can dab on a handkerchief for the breast pocket, but it's not the same.


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