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    Default Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    Do to the reduced prices on the discount sites I’m finally working through the Acqua Orignale lineup.

    I was skeptical to blind buy due to the mixed bag of reviews on them.

    I finally figured “what the hey” And decided to give them a try.

    I initially ordered Asian green tea and Cedre Blanc.
    I was most excited about the Asian green tea but, while I found it pleasant I was left underwhelmed.... i’ll give a full review after I wear it enough to offer a fair analysis.

    It was the one I wasn’t expecting that caught me and I’m here to say.....
    I absolutely Love Cedre Blanc

    Here’s my review:

    Cedre blanc has a beautiful citrus over a creamy, woody base that hides behind whiffs of ocean air.

    Something fruity and sweet lurks apple?

    How is ambergris not listed in the notes? It clearly has a PROMINENT role.
    I get an aquatic, woody aromatic. Like a log of Cedar washed up on the beach.

    While I feel it may lean a tad masculine, Florals soften up the composition enough to make it fine for either sex.
    (As a plus, my wife loves it on me)

    You will certainly notice the cardamom (and even more so Bay leaf) but this is all about the Ambergris and Woods.
    As it develops you are able to pick out some of the individual Wood notes more clearly.

    Maybe imagine a mix up of Millesime Imperial, Viking, and Spice and Wood. That could get you close.

    This is more deserving of the name Viking than the one who received it.
    Had it been released into the main line under that name it certainly would’ve been better received.

    Performance is about average and while it leans towards the summer months in feel I believe it could also work in cool weather.

    In conclusion:
    Very versatile and curiously overlooked member of the Creed lineup.
    It’s unique yet has that familiar Creed DNA
    At the prices this can be had for on the discount sites I’d recommend giving it a shot, you may just find yourself a gem.

    I’ve since ordered Vetiver Geranium and can’t wait to get it in.

    To think....With all the hype that Viking recieved this little gem was sitting under the radar the whole time.
    Who’d of thunk it?

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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    Cedre Blanc is actually my least favorite of the line, and Asian Green Tea is probably my favorite (with Vetiver Geranium just behind).

    the only thing about Asian Green Tea is that it leans a little feminine to me. Otherwise, I really love that one. Cedre Blanc is very nice, safe, versatile, and all that, but it doesn't stand out in any way to me. What generally impresses me with most Creed offerings is that they are safe - yet original. This one just doesn't stand out enough to my nose to make it a "must have". But for the prices you can get these at now, even this one is a really good deal.
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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    Personally like and own both of them but happen to prefer Asian Green Tea.
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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    It’s a nice and pleasant scent but I also admit it is my least favorite among the line. Vetiver Geranium is my favorite, followed by Asian Green Tea.

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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    I'm kind of surprised Creed is still selling them, to tell you the truth. I found most of them boring and underwhelming.

    The only one I liked enough to buy was Vetiver Geranium, but my wife didn't care for it, so I sold it.

    When even Basenotes rarely talks about this "Acqua" line of Creed, that's not a good sign.
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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    It was the first of the Acqua Originale line I bought. The similar woodiness puts it in the same family as Royal Oud, Spice & Wood, and Viking. The greenness reminds me of dill, which I find interesting.
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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    I used to quite like it, and I guess I still do in the late drydown. But now the cardamom is just WAY too much for me.

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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    Cedre Blanc and Aberdeen Lavender were my favourites from this line. May consider a purchase since the price is coming down.

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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    Cedre Blanc is nice but not enough for me to buy it.

    I'll probably buy Asian Green Tea eventually, I like it best from the line. I love the genre - not that sweet, unisex take on fruity-floral green smooth scents, like SMW or Mefisto. If you know any other scents like that let me know.

    My 2nd favourite would be Iris Tubereuse. Slightly too feminine even for me but I enjoy smelling it very much.
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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    I did like this one, but not enough to buy. However, your post reminds me that it would be a nice summer scent. At a good price - maybe worth thinking about.

    I think I still have a sample, too.
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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    a definite 'meh' from me for the whole range -- couldn't quite see the point of them (apart from sales)

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    Default Re: Creed Cedre Blanc (what the what!)

    Love geranium and saw some great reviews about Vetiver Geranium so I've just ordered it... And I was excited to find a Creed that I didn't have to sell my furniture for Now this Cedre Blanc sounds very enticing!

    Also, I wouldn't write off this line of Creeds just because it's not so exclusive as Aventus or Viking. Always have to keep ourselves open.
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