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    So after years of thinking should I buy xerjoff nio or not I decided to give this matrix a try. It took me forever to get the damn perfume (not duas) fault and I opened the package today. The first sniff from the box was nio straight up and I have a 15ml sample from xerjoff to compare. Now I spray It on my arm and I instantly notice it's not really as good as it was after sort of drying down on the cap. 10 minutes later everything change, absolutely brilliant clone of maybe my favorite fragrance of all time.

    Difference. Nios opening smells more expensive, matrix gives me this feeling of pinapple vintage opening compared to avenus vintage (vintage smells differnent with time). There's something in the background that shouldn't be there. 10 minutes later everything changes and this fades and it feels more citrusy than nio but only noticible if you smell your arm and not in the air.

    Its a bit thicker (stronger) than nio and therefore you won't need as much. Honestly it's the same scent more or less.

    Similarity 98% after opening and I am not saying this lightly.

    Is nio better? Maybe but its so damn close that I really do not care, it's closer than any aventus clone is to aventus, it's closer than coolwater is to GIT. That's my honest opinion. Only slack is that my cap is a bit bent but It doesn't leak so I dont have the energy to complain too much.

    Supernova, roja dove Elysium clone.

    Now I haven't smelled the roja so I can't compare them. The scent however is really good and has been hyped on YouTube and therefore I tried it.

    Both these scents smell much more expensive than they are and theres no doubt the concentration is high. I've read countless complains from back in the days about the scent being cheap etc which has kept me from buying but right now with these two that's very far from the truth.
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    I tried him out when he do first started wasn't impressed but those were original works. Today I feel like trying him out again, VA is hot so I'll be getting the citruses, enchantment, summer paradise, and best citrus ever

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