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    Question Shalimar perfume VS shalimar cologne for women

    A while ago I came on here and described a beautiful perfume from my childhood that I was trying to find. Many people responded that it sounded like Shalimar. No stores around me sold Shalimar so I bought a bottle online. I didnt realize that there was perfume AND cologne for women and apparently I purchased the cologne. The cologne is in my opinion, not good and nowhere close to the scent I described, not even on the dry down.

    Is there a big difference between the perfume and cologne? Shalimar is supposed to be one of the best, if not the best perfume ever created and the reviews are stellar but to me, the cologne doesnt smell very unique and I have given it several chances. As a side note, I have pretty much a brand new bottle of cologne if anyone is interested

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    Default Re: Shalimar perfume VS shalimar cologne for women

    I only have experience with the vintage cologne version from the 70s or so. It strikes me as being a lot dustier and drier than the EDP. It also has a bit more of that "fumey-gassy" note up front. I like it a lot.
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    The cologne is much lighter on what makes Shalimar special. It focuses on the citrus and dries down to a, dry, light leather (or at least my vintage version does), whereas the EDP is much 'rounder' and heavy on vanilla, resins and incense.

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    Default Re: Shalimar perfume VS shalimar cologne for women

    hmm, I dont get vanilla at all from the cologne. I know its authentic, it was purchased from a department store.... well based on your description of shalimar EDP, that does not sound like my childhood scent..... shoot

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    Default Re: Shalimar perfume VS shalimar cologne for women

    I agree with Nastka. But still, the edc should still be vaguely recognizable. So if you don't recognize it at all, then perhaps Shalimar is not the perfume you remember.


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    Even if it may not be the scent you remember from your childhood, Shalimar is still worth trying in my opinion. It's much more than a sum of its parts. The vanilla is there, but not overly sweet or heavy. On me, it's mostly about the resins, smoke and leather, slightly elevated by the roundness that vanilla brings to it.

    Still, good luck with finding that scent you are looking for

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    Default Re: Shalimar perfume VS shalimar cologne for women

    I'm thinking maybe you bought the new flanker called simply "Shalimar Cologne" (which is actually EdT)? Is the perfume a peachy pinkish hue, with Shalimar Cologne printed on the bottle? If so, my understanding is that it's nothing like the original at all. The older Eau de Cologne that others are talking about here is usually wonderful; I have a very old bottle that has held up very well, so I wouldn't really suspect that you have a turned bottle. But that would be a slight possibility as well.

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