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    Default LILY by Stella McCartney

    I'm looking to buy Lily by Stella McCartney, but not willing to pay crazy money!! Does anyone know if it's still available or failing that, what's the most similar perfume? Have already got Daisy by Marc Jacobs, which is similar but just not quite right......
    Any help would be great!!
    Thanks xx

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    Default Re: LILY by Stella McCartney

    Welcome to basenotes, Sarah!

    You don't say where you are, but there's quite a bit of this on ebay, on both sides of the Atlantic. l think it's probably been discontinued, judging by the prices some people are asking, but there are some bottles listed for less than £50. Your best bet might be to buy one of the part-used bottles.

    l only tried this one on paper, & l don't remember much about it. But if you simply want a lily fragrance, you need only ask for recommendations. Unfortunately l can't think of any inexpensive or easily available options...
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