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    Hi all,

    I guess this maybe a tough one to answer and apologies if it cant be. also I've read through alot on here and also the DIY stickies at the top but im still a little lost with a few things.
    My example is if i was to make a perfume based on 30ml in volume what percentage (approx) of oils would i use? I can only assume it depends on different strengths of perfumes. I also wish to know if adding a fixative does that also come into the amount of oil used or separate to the oils added?

    Also when it comes to base notes middle and top, should these be added in any particular order? eg Base first?

    I am very new at this and just starting out so i need to go and try and see how it turns out. this said i still wish to have some basic knowledge.

    I commend the amount of info on here there is which have been shared with many people.


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    Hi Chris!

    Start with 10% Concentration of oils and adjust later if needed.
    Fixative goes together with other oils.
    If you want to evaluate the blend while you are still working on it start with base notes first, because top notes will overtake the composition before the blend have had time to mature.

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    Thanks for your input, I'm looking forward to trying this, I'm going to keep it simple with oils I add so I don't over complicate it. Once again thank for your help.
    Chris ��

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