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    Default Galaxolide anosmia!!!

    hi all! I have an anosmia problem with galaxolide help me !!! I have sniffed it to other people and those who say weaker or who says it feels very good but it works but not for me! Does anyone know if it's a question of training the mood or do I have to resign myself to not hearing it? I tried to dilute it in ethanol thinking it gave it diffusive power but nothing ... the fact is that when I know that in fragrances or perfumes there is galaxolide or white musk I'm sure to smell it! Or maybe it's not? if I also mix it with other molecules, do you think I would notice the change or not? for example mixing with iso and super and hedione I would smell some difference or continue to be anosmic with galaxolide? thanks to those who can give me an answer! a similar thing with ethylene brassylate in the beginning but now I feel it! thank you!

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    Default Re: Galaxolide anosmia!!!

    Well, musk is a bit of a tricky beast... The molecules tend to be quite big and not everybody picks up on them equally. That's why there are usually multiple musks in a perfume with a musk base. As for Galaxolide, I smell that quite strongly. When I dig deep, I don't think I always did though..

    What you could do that helped me is:

    1) Put a bit of the material(s) you can't really pick up on a blotter/some paper/some cotton wool/fabric and place it under a glass on a clean surface. When you pick up the glass you might be able to detect the scent a lot better... I like doing a few of these in a certain genre (like musks) so I can take notes on the differences.

    2) Test it in blends. Not every material has great impact when you smell it by itself, although it might have huge impact on your blends. So make up a basic blend you plan to use it in and do 2 variations. One with the Galaxolide and one without. See if you can detect a difference in the two blends and take notes. Maybe you don't really notice the material by itself, but you do notice it's impact in a blend. :-)

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    Default Re: Galaxolide anosmia!!!

    I'm pretty sensitive too it... way too stuffy, and in an artificial sort of way. This has ruined or detracted from many fragrances for me.

    Realize that it's more an olfactory effect than a tangible smell.

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