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    Default how can they state that?

    Hello guys
    There is a website that clearly states that (if I understood well) hobby perfumers are allowed to sell homemade perfumes in UK

    So I guess you can do that also in the other european countries, am I right?

    I always thought selling as hobbyist was illegal.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: how can they state that?

    Well... They also state you can buy everything you need to make a perfume at a wholefoodsstore and think you could use wodka to dilute essential oils in... so my first guess would be that they don't really know what they are talking about... :-)

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    Default Re: how can they state that?

    what You need to make perfume:

    your favourite pure essential oils (such as rose, lavender or sandalwood)
    alcohol for cleaning
    small vials
    bottles or jars
    Indeed they DON'T KNOW what they are talking about!

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    Default Re: how can they state that?

    You can likely sell in UK if you don't mind the threat of fines and prison.
    But then I don't reside in UK, so I could be incorrect...
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    Default Re: how can they state that?

    They can state it because anyone who follows their advice has zero comeback when it all falls apart and the trading standards people knock at the door.

    Well.. you see sir, I read on the internet that I can do this, didn't bother to actually check any laws because I just assumed it would be ok !

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    Default Re: how can they state that?

    Of course you're allowed to sell homemade perfumes; you do, however, have to abide by various regulations.
    Being a hobbyist and being legally compliant aren't mutually exclusive.
    Sarah McCartney runs workshops covering exactly this (

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