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    I'm always on the hunt for a good, affordable oil (I know that is completely subjective.)

    Exoticscents posted in another thread that I dug up about Al Faransi bringing quality for shockingly low prices... Would you be so kind as to review any of them for us? Or give any recommendations?

    I've also heard a little talk about Rising Phoenix, but not too much lately.

    It seems everyone laments the passing of Amouage's line. I use to have a Tribute knockoff that was one of my favorites. Can't imagine what the real deal smelled like.

    Of course, attars don't necessarily mean oud, but I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask about them.

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    ... And I'm watching your YouTube reviews of Al Faransi right now, Nikhil. I should have known! lol

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    So I ordered and received six samples from Al Faransi...

    Sheikh Al Faransi
    Oud Maluku
    Oud al Amir
    Mukhallat di Corleone
    Mix Musk Arts (He threw in a 3ml bottle of this one)

    I haven't given them all a proper wearing, but I'll post if anything stands out. Keep in mind, they are all pretty cheap.

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    AFAK is great value for the price. Synthetic but well blended. Their ouds are quite linear as are most of the scents, not much development that I experienced but enjoyable - price is a big factor here, good bang for your buck. Also, being synthetic (mostly), they have good staying power. Most natural attars and pure oud oils that I put on before bed are gone when I wake up but, not AFAK's last.
    My favourite of theirs is Amber Ash Sheik
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    So I've gotten slightly acquainted with my samples and bottom line it's hit or miss for me, but it is an interesting line.

    Oud al Amir is supposed to be a sweet Cambodi and yet I get a fecal, barny accord from it which I don't care for.
    Similar to "Lemon Pledge" (a wood polish here in the US) I get a weird "Orange (?) Pledge" smell from Mukhallat di Corleone. It's a scrubber for me.
    Abyss is also a nasty disinfectant cleaning product to my nose.

    Mixed Musk Arts was a surprise. This is a strong musky, spicy scent. I'm not a big musk fan to be honest, but I can appreciate it.
    Sheikh al Faransi, the "flagship" scent, I suppose, is in fact a proper mukhallat, blending floral and amber notes, it's a touch "syrupy" perhaps. It is a soft scent that doesn't seem to project all that much. Quite safe, it plays nice. It gives you that oriental, exotic touch on a budget.
    I was most surprised by Oud Muluku. I get a real earthy, wet wood, oudy vibe from it. To me it smells better than the 1g of cultivated Vietnamese oud that I picked up through another vendor a few months ago. I'd be interested to know what the high-end oud guys and gals on here think about it. Yes, it's only $26USD for 3ml or $6.50USD for a .5ml sample, but it smells like it's worth much more.

    All things considered, I don't know if I'd buy 1/4 tolas of any of the few that I did like because nothing really blew me away. I've kind of been wandering aimlessly for the past year or so on my fragrance journey. My tastes are changing and traditional spray frangrances haven't been doing much for me. I'd like to find something special, though I'm not in the tax bracket to experiment with Ensar holy grail type stuff. I have done well in exercising self control.

    The AKAF lineup seems to change quite a bit - things come and go. Stuff I've seen reviewed is not around anymore. I think even the musk I got has disappeared. I suppose that's the nature of his business model, though, producing small batch homemade blends.

    It's always good to branch out and try new stuff. Again, for a newb or someone on a budget wanting to dabble in smells of the orient, this could be a fun house. The price was right and the shipping was quick and painless, as well. Cheers.

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