Yuzu is a citrus variety from Japan with a unique fragrance, like a mix of mandarin, Satsuma mandarin, lemon, but with a pungently deep spicy facet. It also has about a 25% grapefruit note to its profile, with ever so slight hints of guava undertones. The majority of the smell is very much sour mandarin like.

Yuzu actually originated from China in ancient times but is very obscure there, In Japan Yuzu is very popular used in all sorts of things, a condiment on fish or soba noodles, or left floating on a hot bath to add fragrance to the air, also used to flavor alcoholic cocktails.

The fragrance definitely has some masculine quality.

Yuzu also does not contain furanocoumarins, so there are no photosensitivity issues (which is the case with certain other types of citrus, to varying degrees).