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    also called Nagarmotha in India

    first impression shares a close similarity to vetiver, musk in the direction of patchouli, very masculine, a little cinnamon-spicy, maybe a hint of the feeling of pine tar, rich, a tiny bit basil, a little bit of the intensity of myrrh, slightly leathery, ever so slight licorice end note which is definitely a base note, a hint of the pungent intoxicating aspect in honeysuckle, a hint of diesel fuel or new vinyl plastic, an underlying hint of something animalic like earthworm casings or mealworms or wood shavings in a hamster cage

    some people have commented cypriol smells a little bit like cheap inferior aloeswood, to me the first impression was somewhat reminiscent of cheap inferior sandalwood maybe the Himalayan species, there's a very slight balsamic astringency to it but it blends into the smooth warmth of the rest of the fragrance

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    You know, as the oil dries down on my skin it seems to alternate back and forth between the smell of synthetic vinyl leather one moment and soggy wet cardboard in another.

    interesting, as the fragrance dies down it's almost like I'm detecting the faintest hint of orange, and something that maybe feels like lemon Pine-Sol.

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    I just smelled it again, and this time it smells like a very fine smooth cedar wood, patchouli, and pine tar. Someone else I had smell it commented that it smelled like a campfire.

    Before I have noticed there's a facet to it that can smell a little root-like (which is not surprising since Cypriol does come from a root, sort of a bit musky, like beets).

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