So I see a lot of posts regarding diluting Ambroxan, which I have no problem with. However, I've made some observations on comments compared to my experience. A lot of what I've read on here implies Ambroxan at a percentage greater than 10% would lead to evacuation of a city. Escentric 02 contains 13.5%. How is this possible?

Further, I've read that it smells less at 10% than at 1%. I've experienced the opposite. Firstly, I could smell the crystals and it was beautiful. At a 10% dilution it's really not strong on me, but I love the smell - probably the best thing I've ever smelled. At 1%, I can't smell anything. Side note: I've been wearing 10%, I don't think anyone around me notices. Is it odd I don't smell anything at 1%?

Now, because everyone says it's stronger at 1%, I assume that if one wanted to make a fragrance with good sillage one should use a smaller vs bigger dosage of Ambroxan?

Finally, I have a small amount of 96 ethanol left from when I was abroad. I want to make about 3.0 FL Oz cologne with good lasting power and projection, very mainly Ambroxan-y (a la Invictus and Eros, I know I know), and minimalist (making the best of the few ingredients I have). I have limited amounts of grapefruit, vetiver, Texas cedar EO as well as Iso E and Hedione.

Since limitations, mainly alcohol, prevent me from too much experimentation, anyone recommend a rough draft formula for something men's/unisex and very young? I've had trouble with vetiver and Texas cedar being too formal-smelling bordering on cloying. So maybe skipping those. I want to make something summery and very casual.

My main concern is the variance of Ambroxan at different dosages and how much I should combine in the total with hedione and Iso E (Dsquared Wild is a fave of mine, Terre d'Hermes however makes me feel like I need to wear a suit or be 30 years older...still figuring out doses for that too)