also called Gurjum, this is a common fragrance in Indonesia

First impression, the smell is not very strong.
Smells like cedar (a mix of both Virginia and Himalayan, but without the harshness) and pine
the fragrance is a little warm, moderately ambery
musty, in a good way
just a little like camphor - camphorwood

Maybe smells a little like teak (though I've never smelled teakwood). Kind of smells a little bit varnish-like, if you've ever smelled authentic lacquerware.

Some say it smells a little peppery, Black pepper, but it's not the spicy facet of pepper, more like the underlying background fragrance of Black pepper, an incense-like quality

Overall I'd say the fragrance is very good, smells like a wood chest to keep clothes in, or an oriental incense wood

The oil does have a fairly deep yellow-amber color to it though.