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    Default Dimethylsulfide :)

    Dear Community, I was wondering where I can get Dimethylsulfide in Germany/Europe.
    Also looking for some other special aroma chemicals I cannot find at my known dealers.
    Tips are welcome!

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    Default Re: Dimethylsulfide :)

    I can send you some. I've got it at 1% in DPG.

    If Pell Wall doesn't carry the aroma chemicals you need and you are an end user there is little hope you'll find it at all. Nonetheless, if I need anything special I start with Liaison Carbone, a wonderful small supplier from Berlin.

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    Default Re: Dimethylsulfide :)

    Thank You!
    That is amazing! I'll check out Liaison Carbon, I am from Berlin and did not know that one!
    I ordered most of my supplies in the Netherlands, but they do not carry every aroma chemical I am looking for

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