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    Default Designing a 3D printed holder for oils

    Hi guys, I am trying to design a plastic holder which can be 3D printed.

    The concept is this:
    - place my 10ml oil bottle on it (so it holds steads and if it leaks, it doesn't ruin the table)
    - have a holder for a 1ml plastic pipette, so I can use the same pipette for that given oil more then once
    - have a holder for a blotter, primarily for olfactory training
    - click in the next holder (so I can chain multiple holders to make a longer row of holders)

    I just wanted to check what you guys thought of this idea. Maybe you have suggestions or maybe you are already using something similar?

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    Default Re: Designing a 3D printed holder for oils

    Hi clockworks!

    I've been trying to figure out how to optimise my workflow also. In regards to small-scale experimentation I've contemplated using eppendorf tubes - potentially together with a tube rack. Any thoughts on this as a starting point?

    Regarding pipettes and re-use, "mumsy" described some clever use of micropipettes - however I have not tested this myself: link to post

    - J.

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    Default Re: Designing a 3D printed holder for oils

    Clockworks - those designs sound great, especially the blotter holder. Good luck and please share posts of your final product!

    JHL - I use a micropipette. I haven't used the tubes you mention and instead use dram vials, which seem to have 2 big advantages: they have a flat bottom so you can put them on a scale so that you are able to measure your creation using weight not drops (as drops are not accurate) and you can wash and reuse them so you are minimizing the impact on the environment by cutting down on plastic.

    I have played around with the sizes, until I found one I liked.

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