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    Default House of Sillage N.001 fans?

    Every time I go to Bloomingdales I sample this and... I think I really like it?

    I don't like anything else I've smelled from this house, but there's something about N.001
    I haven't tried on skin yet, to be fair.

    I've read the reviews talking about desert, whip cream, sweet, etc... but I don't really get that(again, haven't tried on skin yet).
    Mostly I get cinnamon, clove, tonka, incense, touch of amber & vanilla, and... what actually smells a bit like oud. People mention cherry & I can see where that comes from kinda. It's almost got an M7 vibe going on.
    In fairness, Im a sucker for Cinnamon and always on the lookout for a non-sweet cinnamon frag, perhaps It's just me hoping I've found it?

    Are there any fans of this one? Anyone who owns it or tried it on skin? Anyone who thinks it's more of a smokey/incense ordeal rather than sweet/gourmand frag?
    Anyone who finds it worth the (high) price?

    Also- I can't lie, I do like that switchblade style cap opener button & the bottle itself. It speaks to the kid in me who still loves clicky/automatic/ deployment stuff

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    Default Re: House of Sillage N.001 fans?

    Bump! Anyone?

    Sampled again today. This is legit good stuff. Clovey incensey oudy opening that dries down to something like a vanilla cherry coke deal.
    Not $300 a bottle stuff(I don't think... yet), but... it's... pretty f*cking good.

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    Default Re: House of Sillage N.001 fans?

    I have all 6 mens releases from the house including the 4 numbered ones, and love N. 001.
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