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    Question CH Men Prive tester

    i bought CH Men Prive tester 2 weeks ago and have issue with projection and longevity. It last less than 2 hours and does not really project at all. Shop where i bought this was legit and also bottle looks original. I have read that it last easily 6+ hours. Here comes my question have you ever had issue with this fragrance and how long your lasts?
    Thank for answers

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    If you bought a tester it was not from a known department store. It was probably from one of the strip mall type discount stores. They have many knock offs and have questionable sources. The fact that the bottle looks original does not mean anything, as a very large percentage of fakes do have authentic looking bottles. So it is quite possible it is a fake. Although fragrances are know to last from maybe one hour to five to six hours, skin chemistry is so varied that this alone should not be a concern.

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