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    Default Basic chords for training

    Most anoying...

    I found in this very fora a thread witch linked me on to a site (Or possibly a yahoo group) with a lot of very basic chords for training purposes. And guess what, i forgot to bookmark it and now i cant find it.

    It was all wery basic and neat, basic chords for citrus, basic chords for rose and so on.

    Anyone know the site im talking about? or something similar?


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    Default Re: Basic chords for training


    Thats the one. Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Basic chords for training

    Check out
    They have very different accords, many from India.
    Many of their accords are expensive to re-create, but you can substitute natural for synthetic materials.
    There no real "rules," when making accords. Always age them...If you making white lotus accords age them for 6 months.

    You can learn tonnes from Jeroen and White lotus alone.

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    Default Re: Basic chords for training

    Oh yea I've made tons of white lotus ones by converting to percentages and wildly substituting. Always get something thats good and worth playing with.

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