I bought a 200 ml bottle of Azzaro Chrome from Target during their Cyber Monday sale last November (they use Scentmonkey aka Perfume Center of America). It's a 2017 bottle and it just seems very weak. I get about 1 hour projection (90 minutes on a good day) and a total of 5 hours as a skin scent. It's probably been reformulated several times since issuance.

Here's a collage of what the package and bottle looks like. There are two batch numbers engraved into the bottom flap of the box. One is 7 digits and underneath is a 5 digits, One reviewer on Fragrantica said he had 2 letters before the 5 digits in the batch code. Note that the 7 digit code on printed on the neck on the bottle next to the atomizer. I inserted the view from the bottom of the cap next to the bottle.

Does anyone have a 200 ml bottle and box and can confirm that this box and bottle look legit? Is that where the batch code usually is on their 200 ml bottles? Is the current formulation weak or not?

I plan on going to Macy's and checking out the 200 ml packaging as well as a tester to see the performance.

Here's the link to the collage image in case the Basenotes image is too small: https://i.imgur.com/nKYgHvq.jpg