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    Default Looking to Authenticate a bottle.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I've done my fair share of lurking and research before I decided to post for some peace of mind and your discerning eyes. I feel like I have reasons to be swayed towards one way or the other so I feel unease.
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    Default Re: Looking to Authenticate a bottle.

    It is original. My bottle 18b01 looks exactly the same. Even the white border on the label.

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    Default Re: Looking to Authenticate a bottle.

    From your photos it seems fine to me also.
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    Default Re: Looking to Authenticate a bottle.

    Legit, enjoy!

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    Default Re: Looking to Authenticate a bottle.

    Thank you guys for putting my mind at ease. So I actually picked it up from someone highly reputable here discovering the seller from another forum. I'm not sure what drove my paranoia up. Probably from becoming anosmic to it or it not really garnishing any attention. I was compelled to go to the Creed boutique and get their opinion. We actually compared their boxes and bottle side by side and their was a very distinguishable difference between font sizes. I put my nose to their tester and have to say it came off far more intense. The sprayer was like a fire hose akin to that if Sausage. However, I got a couple of sprays on me and the projection, sillage and longevity was the same as my bottle so I had no idea what to think haha.

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