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Thread: Cervolide?

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    Default Cervolide?

    Does anyone know where to buy Cervolide small amount? Or have 15ml I can bribe for??

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    I can get some, but it has to be a kg, for about 400. I've never used it but wasn't aware that it offered anything that other musks don't

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    I've investigated it. found it at about $575-600/kg. plus shipping.
    Have a sample. Have never really fallen in love with it enough to buy it.
    I just don't find myself, that I have ever reached for it to use.
    92hr substantivity, and low odor, just doesn't get me going.

    There's a lot of other things I need to spend $600 on.
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    Yeah, I wanted to try it for that very reason. 96 hr musk instead of 400 hours. Apparently, it's the top note in a lot of Egyptian musks, and white musk type things.

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    96 hr substantivity sounds indeed very interesting! anyone familiar with its effects?

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