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    Default JPG Le Male - seems legit or no? Early/mid 00's bottle.

    Alright, so for whatever reason I've been kind of 'vintage hunting' for frags - and it's actually pretty fun, haha.

    So, I placed an order for what appears to be a vintage 2005 Le Male. This thing was faked out the a**, so obviously I'm a bit concerned.

    There are signs it points to being legitimate though, specifically to time-periods aspects of it as well (which I'll elaborate on).

    Signs it's legit:
    1. The coloration of the juice - has that green-ish color.
    2. The box says 'PARFUMS JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER', which from what I've read older batches has it as 'JEAN-PAUL' with the hyphen there, so this seems period correct as well. Can't make it out on the bottle if it has that or not, picture quality isn't the greatest. I'll check when it actually arrives.
    3. Atomizer height/size and coloration of the plastic center dot (it's a grey-ish color, not a white).
    4. The NON-bright white stripes on the bottle.
    5. It has the '' website URL on the bottom of the bottle, which to my understanding WAS an actual website before, prior to them changing the website to or whatever it is on latter bottles. Correct?

    Possible concerns:
    1. That demonstration tester sticker - does anyone recall them being circular like that on older bottles? I don't, but then again I wasn't into frags back then and was more interested in like.. sneaking out during a school night.
    2. Can't really make it out from the picture, but is the bottle supposed to have 'JEAN-PAUL' as well (on the bottom)? It looks like 'JEAN PAUL' instead. But could just be due to crappy quality pic.

    Pics supplied by seller:

    Thanks guys!


    - - - Updated - - -

    BOUGHT ANOTHER BOTTLE (Different from above bottle!):

    Holy poop, did I just score a legit 1997 bottle!? Take a look at pics below. I'm not as well versed on the sticker variety of Le Male.

    I will say that I'm leaning towards the 2nd bottle (one with sticker on bottom) as being fake due to the following reasons..

    1. It says 'BPI' instead of 'B.P.I.' on sticker.

    2. It has a 75116 zip code, but if this is a stickered '97 version, shouldn't the zipcode be 75008 as with original Le Males? When did BPI switch from 75008 to 75116 for JPG, anyone know?

    3. The nozzle looks like it's pushed out compared to the metal sprayer head. I've requested a picture of the sprayer from the seller.

    4. Paint looks a little shoddy (like smeared/overspray)

    5. Looks like a gap between the metal sprayer area and the glass in the middle pic.

    Ugh, might just request a refund for this one. I jumped the gun on that one!
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    Default Re: JPG Le Male - seems legit or no? Early/mid 00's bottle.

    If you're interested I've got some legit le male bottles from 1996 sealed and proven

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    Default Re: JPG Le Male - seems legit or no? Early/mid 00's bottle.

    The first one looks fine to me.
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    Default Re: JPG Le Male - seems legit or no? Early/mid 00's bottle.

    not fake 110% vintage authentic bottle i have 2 vintage bottles it is the same the one with the sticker is older batch


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