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    Default Quarantine special -- Cuiron LIDGE Rive Gauche LAP HDP Hermes etc

    At least I have time to start going through my unused bottle and start taking some out to list.

    All fragrances have been stored in a cool and dark place, 100% authentic and fresh. I am obsessive abut fragrances and keep them very carefully.

    Paypal Only. Please add 4% if not using "Family & Friends" option.

    Inbox me or email @

    Shipping/insurance is extra, but free over $100

    Thank you for helping out.

    L'Artisan Parfumeur -- Seville a L'Aube -- 100ml bottle w/ box, "Edition Limitée" issue, batch code SE113B, 2013 batch, pre-reforms. 96% full, $115

    Diptyque — L’Eau de Neroli - 200ml bottle with box, cap and sprayer, 95ml remain, $40

    Parfums Divine -- L'Homme Sage - 50ml bottle in burnt siena metal canister, 40% full, Batch code 4F,1 $50

    Gucci -- Pour Homme EDT -- 30ml bottle w/ box, looks to be early 90s, a ton of oakmoss. 50% - $25

    Guerlain -- Guet-Apens - 93ml cylindrical bottle w/o box, 70%, juice in perfect condition, $200

    Guerlain -- Eau de Guerlain - 100ml bottle w cap and old-style gold box, 98% full, perfect condition older juice, very hesperidic and great longevity.

    Guerlain -- Apres l'Ondee - 100ml bottle, w cap and box, batch code says made 2010. 50% full, $50. Smells in great shape.

    Guerlain - L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme (LIDGE) -- 2.5oz Black rim, 2012 batch, box a bit scuffed up, 85% full, batch code 2U01 -- $150

    VTG Helmut Lang — Cuiron Pour Homme - 50ml w/ box, 85% $150
    [ingredients are Alcohol, Aqua, Parfum, Benzophenone-2]

    Histroires de Parfums -- Petroleum -- 60ml bottle w/box, 90% full, batch code 1J1111, $115

    Hermes -- Equipage -- 4.2?oz, bottle unlabeled, pre-1985 vintage, possibly original formulation -- light brown bakelite cap, "aerospray" atomiser, only the words "Equipage Hermes Paris" [in that order] 70% full - $110

    Lancome -- Sagamore 60ml tester w box, 95% full, $65

    Ulrich Lang — Anvers - 100ml w/o box or cap, 85%, $45

    Mauboussin -- M Generation -- pretty close Avignon, lighter, a bit more cedar, very pleasant office-friendly light incense with a pleasing iris note in there -- 4.20z bottle w/box, spritz x2 to test $40

    Montale — Aoud Cuir D’Arabie - 50ml w/ box and bag, 90% $50

    Pascal Morabito -- Or Black - 50ml w/ transparent box, vintage formulation and bottle, 90% $80

    Robert Piguet -- Casbah -- prereformulation, much more complex and satisfying than current iteration, 100ml bottle. 80% full, $130.

    The Different Company Osmanthus 250ml steel estagnon, NIB with cellophane - $130

    The Different Company Bois d'Iris 250ml steel estagnon, sprayed once to test - $125

    Soivohle Liz Zorn — Rivertown Road Demi-Absolute - 15ml with box, sprayed twice, $45

    Yves Saint Laurent -- Rive Gauche Pour Homme -- 4.2oz metal canister, 2011 batch, 90-95% full, batch code 62H91H - $175
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    Default Re: Quarantine special -- Cuiron LIDGE Rive Gauche LAP HDP Hermes etc

    Lots and lots of new stuff added, prices dropped, and bump!

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