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    Default Re: What's your favorite fragrance and why?

    At this moment in time,

    Bois du Portugal - one of my favourite drydowns ever, grateful to have discovered this masterpiece
    Aventus (batch 17Y01 currently) - my best allrounder and it just sings sweet music to me
    Antaeus - favourite animalistic and animalic. Soft yet powerful.

    (Honourable mention - CH Chic For Men - favourite past signature scent)

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    Default Re: What's your favorite fragrance and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by PaleRider420 View Post
    Hi all, im new here and would love to get to know so of you all and what better way than through fragrance? Tell me some of your favorite smells and why you love it. Was it the night you got engaged? Saw the greatest horror film of all time, Halloween? First smell you wore to get laid? Would love to hear.
    Kouros is my favorite. I love the smell, it just clicked with me.

    Some other favorites are Fahrenheit, Musc Ravageur, Dior Leather Oud, Oud Ispahan, Interlude Man, and Terre d'Hermes (can't decide between EdT and Parfum right now).
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    Default Re: What's your favorite fragrance and why?

    What I'm wearing at the time.

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    Default Re: What's your favorite fragrance and why?

    1 Million
    smells good

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    Default Re: What's your favorite fragrance and why?

    -As a little kid: Canoe was my jam.

    -middle school/puberty: Eternity

    -high school: Patchouli oil or nothing.

    -my 20's: I pretty much wore Gucci Rush for 10 years

    -Early 30's: the first formulation/version of Clive Christian C.(sadly reformulated into garbage).

    -Since getting back into fragrances... there's about 15 I adore, and my tastes keep changing.

    •Wore Royal oud for about 2 years straight.

    Vintage Polo & Rive Gauche PH are staples.

    •Recently fallen hard for LDDM, Original Vetiver & Aventus. Aventus has taken the place of all my summer/citrus frags.

    Habit Rouge EDP & Guerlain Vetiver are my 'comfort scents'.

    •As an incense lover, I never want to be without my bottle of TF Sahara Noir

    •For Patchouli- Patchouli Noble is the one for me.

    Chanel #5 will always remind me of my sweet mother.

    • And though I don't own a bottle and a little too sweet for me to wear, Acqua Di Parma Mandorlo di Sicilia is one of the best smelling things on earth to me.

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