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    Default Hopefully short solvent questions

    I'm hoping these have pretty straightforward answers. ;p

    - Just speaking in broad strokes here: I should be able to dissolve damn near any natural ingredient in either TEC or IPM, and then use those solutions in either oil-based or alcohol-based end products, yes?

    - Again, just in broad strokes: Is there any major practical difference between using TEC vs IPM? From everything I've read, they both work extremely similarly - I mean, they're different substances so they'll work differently in at least the details, sure, but are the differences only edge cases?

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    Default Re: Hopefully short solvent questions

    In broad strokes, yes.
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    Default Re: Hopefully short solvent questions

    Perfect. Thanks!

    Out of curiosity...I'm not sure if there's a simple answer or if this gets into the weeds really quickly, but: for what purposes would TEC and IPM work differently? Are there specific materials that will only dissolve in one and not the other? Or is it more a matter of the final product being more appropriate for one than the other?

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