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    Default Working with Ambergris and Musk

    Recently we recreated a very old formula from the Arab-Islamic tradition, the formula dates back some 1400 centuries. We share some of the steps on the Ouddict forum and thought due to the interest in Ambergris on this forum that it would be of benefit here as well. Moderators please move to the relevant section if this is not the right place for it.

    The world around us, the amazing creation, the perfect balance and the whale poop. People tend to think that Ambergris is the whale vomit, that isn't entirely accurate. It is the whale vomit that comes out of its rectum and therefore it has many of the characteristics of all the other 'things' that come out of the rectum. What an amazing world we live in, that we the most intelligent of the beings on earth find immense pleasure and joy smelling Ambergris...

    There are all sorts of Ambergris around, and when you have been playing around with this stuff as long as I have, it takes something exceptional to surprise you. That's exactly what I thought when I first received this;

    From La Maison Khenata . The experience was so exceptional and very unorthodox that I took it to our lab and spent a week testing it. Yes it is Ambergris, and yes it is exceptionally beautiful.

    I'll share in this thread, what I did with these beauties. You will be blown away with the final results.
    Al Shareef Oudh the name associated with artisan perfumery and quality Oudh Oils, Woods and Incenses.

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    Default Re: Working with Ambergris and Musk

    Very nice,
    I think the DIY forum would love this!

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    Default Re: Working with Ambergris and Musk

    thanks @matt, do you know how to link it to the DIY?

    So the gentle grinding begins...

    Ambergris is the result of indigestion (only if our own could be this valuable)whales can't seem to handle the beaks on the squid to well. The beaks cause irritation in the digestive system and in an effort to protect the intestinal tract, the whales digestive system excrete a fatty substance that in its essence is a steroid. This gathers around the beaks and becomes a blooby substance that is then exited from the rectum of the whale. Coming through that system bestows some inherent fecal character to the lump. The lump being a fatty substance floats the oceans, gets bleached, absorbs the oceanic salty attribute and it continues to float around the ocean until it is cast on a beach. For centuries ambergris was a mythical substance until whale hunters made the link. The sperm whale being the only whale type that produces this amazing substance, it is most valuable as an ingredient. As the ancient Chinese incense makers would say "Musk projects the fragrance of a scent and ambergris binds everything in harmony".

    When grinding ambergris little pieces of squid beak is usually found in it, and the ambrein which is the main fragrant ingredient in Ambergris doesn't really flare up until it becomes ambrein oxide. In blends in primary form it works as a kind of blanket over the other scents, but once applied to the skin, and warms up that is when it becomes alive...

    According to tradition the temperature of the ambergris during grinding should not rise above body temperature as this could introduce negative notes into the final product. This makes the hand task very time consuming and requires a great deal of patience. However the result is well worth the effort

    - - - Updated - - -

    There were a couple of lumps of whale poo

    and some musk pods...

    lots of creative love and labour

    lots of stirring, folding and smelling, more folding, stirring and smelling... then there was a paste...

    The most beautiful things around us are simple. Yet we get so carried away with the complex world we have created around us that we look into complexity for beauty.

    Teeb is one of the most beautiful fragrances known to man, crafted from the most rare of natural ingredients: Beach cast ambergris and government quota harvested Siberian musk, prepared in accordance to Alchemy methods dating back 1439 years.

    A most wonderful of scents that celebrates the beauty of Ambergris and Musk, not as an oil but akin to a balm.

    In the old world these two ingredients played a pivotal role in the best of scents, unlike oils, balms last much longer on the skin and the beautiful musky wafts of oceanic breeze with sprinkles of leather, tobacco and garnishes of basil flower engulf you for hours.

    Al Shareef Oudh the name associated with artisan perfumery and quality Oudh Oils, Woods and Incenses.

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