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    Exclamation Macassar by Rochas - The quest still going on.

    Hi, how are you doing !? I am new to the forum and I try to find the fragrance of my life.
    I tell you my story, many years ago my grandfather used this fragrance, then my father and finally, me. When I was 15 years old, the bottle was finished and I tried to get it everywhere ... I did not succeed.
    I also tried to get the ingredients but in my country it is very complicated to make a perfume and neither get such notes.

    My question is, what perfume resembles the Macassar? Does anyone know someone who has it to sell ?.

    I tried it with gentleman, savage, etc and none of them resembles a bit of what the great macassar was.

    If someone can help me, I will really grateful.

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    Default Re: Macassar by Rochas - The quest still going on.

    Welcome to you Shaspar! Enjoy your time on Basenoted! Macassar is a wonderful scent. I am lucky to have a large original spray bottle and can understand your love for it. Keep checking Ebay. I have seen bottles being offered in the past but they're very few and far between.
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    Default Re: Macassar by Rochas - The quest still going on.

    Welcome to Basenotes Shaspar. I had a long search myself but was able to find a mini bottle of Macassar about 2 to 3 months ago. If you keep searching on Ebay you will eventually be lucky like I was. Its difficult to be patient. I know that feeling. I don't know what it is called exactly but you can set up a permanent search for the word " Macassar " in your " My Ebay " settings. That is what helped me.

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    Default Re: Macassar by Rochas - The quest still going on.

    Without being too "doom and gloom", I'll just say it's a "unicorn" among discontinued scents, meaning it's rare and desirable enough to vintage collectors that sellers fetch niche prices and above for it, so good luck on the hunt!
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    Default Re: Macassar by Rochas - The quest still going on.

    Which country are you in? There's a bottle on eBay right now, selling to the EU.

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