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    Default IRIS GANACHE Guerlain Split

    IRIS GANACHE Guerlain Split

    Based on all of the interest in Iris Ganache (that most beautiful and elusive of iris gourmand perfumes!), I've decided to clean up this post a bit. If you are interested in splitting a different Paris exclusive, let me know and we'll figure something out!

    All of the nitty-gritty (including how we will determine who keeps the bee bottle) is outlined at the bottom. Feel free to ask questions or for references.

    IRIS GANACHE (Guerlain) – €310 / 125ML
    1. 60ml – Reserved (Halya C.)
    2. 25ml – Reserved (Diana Z)
    3. 45ml – Available

    - I’ll purchase the bottle once the split has completely filled.
    - I will pick up the bottle as soon as everyone sends confirmation of payment through PayPal or bank wire. I live within walking distance to the boutiques at Place Vendôme and 68 Champs-Élysées, so this can be done within 12-24 hours.
    - The person who reserves the largest split and is willing to pay for the extra shipping will have first right of refusal on the bee bottle. If she/he does not want the bottle, we’ll offer it to the next largest spliter, etc. In case of a tie, we will use the time stamp of payment confirmation as a tiebreaker.
    - The person who gets the bottle can decide the color of the bottle.
    - Please reserve at least 10ml.
    - TOTAL PRICE = (price/ml x quantity) + (price of decant bottle + shipping materials) + (shipping with tracking)
    - I can ship internationally, but please understand that there is a certain amount of uncertainty and risk in doing so. I can NOT ship to the UK.
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