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    Default Iris Ganache, JAR, Quand Vient la Pluie, London

    Please read the fine print at the bottom of this post. Thanks!

    **I received some requests for another IRIS GANACHE split, so here we go! I'll purchase the bottle when the split fills.

    (310 for 125ml Colored Bee or 2.48/ml)
    (590 for 250ml Clear Bee or 2.36/ml)
    (1055 for 500ml Clear Bee or 2.11/ml)

    1. 30ml - Reserved
    2. 10ml - Reserved
    3. 10ml - Reserved

    **The QUAND VIENT LA PLUIE split has been completed! 😃
    I'll be in Brussels on Tuesday (23 Oct) to pick it up.

    **Nobody wants to split LONDON with me yet. 🤨 I'll wait another week or 2 before getting myself a little atomizer for reference purposes. 😁

    **I still have a split going on for JAR Parfums. Please see below!

    JAR Splits! As of 2 October 2018, these are the 5 that are available for sale at the Paris Jar boutique.*
    Jardenia 30ml @ 340 (11.33/ml)
    1. 5ml - Sabrina
    Ferme tes yeux 30ml @ 400 (13.33/ml)
    1. 5ml - David
    Diamond Water 30ml @ 410 (13.67/ml)
    1. 5ml - Gladys
    Shadow 30ml @ 300 (10/ml)
    1. 5ml - Gladys
    Golconda 30ml @ 430 (14.33/ml)

    Fine Print:

    - Please reserve at least 5ml for JAR and 10ml for Guerlain.
    - I will purchase the bottle after the split has filled and payment has been collected.
    - I will quote you the exact cost of shipping for your particular destination.
    - I've shipped many decants and entire bee bottles internationally, relatively safely. I don't skimp on packing materials and parafilm.
    - Shipping will be from France. Please let me know of any customs regulations for your country. As with anything shipped internationally, please be aware of the risks involved.
    - I will do absolutely everything in my power to meet your customs/shipping requirements and preferences, but once it leaves my hands I cannot take financial responsibility.
    - Payment will be in EUROS through bank transfer or Paypal. For the Goods & Services option, please add the usual 4% to your total.
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